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Born in Gerona, on December 4, 1974.
My first experience in the art world was the start to work as a baker. This profession allowed me to discover all I could do with my hands and discover the art of working with chocolate. Here began my creativity.

He comes to working closely with famous artists and sculptors in the vicinity. This helps me to be slowly growing as an artist ia on these two aspects.

Finally, experience and working with these teachers, I bring new ideas are born to ARC 'º produndizar directly and personally in the world of sculpture.

Self-taught and eager to discover, work materials as diverse as wood, fiber, resin, bronze, aluminum, steel, patina and even classic chrome, polished texture and a long etc. ..

The result of my concerns and experience comes the collection 'BLOQUEIG'.

'Bloqueig' is a work for two years. Two years working since its creation till the finished works, paying special attention to each base of this collection. Innovating with original, different and exclusive.


The pieces invite us to an endless walk down the stairs that rise or fall and which are bright or dark, smooth or rough, others are held by themselves or are reflected or are in movement and therefore only waiting to be discovered ...